This course is punctiliously designed so that the students learn to create immaculate and interactive 2D games using visual coding techniques. The students engage in practical know-how of Games designing and Logical Problem-solving using flowcharts and gradual planning to become proficient in Game Development.






Program Overview

1 Month | 8 Sessions | 3 Projects

  • ✓ Introduction to World wide web
  • ✓ Introduction to HTML
  • ✓ HTML boilerplate
  • ✓ Introduction to CSS
  • ✓ Stylesheets
  • ✓ Code debugging




USD 360 USD 288/-

4 Months | 32 Sessions | 8 Projects

  • ✓ Introduction to World wide web
  • ✓ Introduction to HTML
  • ✓ HTML boilerplate
  • ✓ Introduction to CSS
  • ✓ Stylesheets
  • ✓ Code debugging
  • ✓ Media in web
  • ✓ UI/UX for Page design
  • ✓ CSS layouts
  • ✓ Bootstrap
  • ✓ Forms
  • ✓ JavaScript for web
  • ✓ Database
  • ✓ Responsive web design
  • ✓ Commercial layouts
  • ✓ External API
  • ✓ Capstone





USD 1,440 USD 992/-

EMI Available


1 Month | 8 Sessions

4 Months | 32 Sessions

Software Language


Age Group

11-13 Years


Pattern Recognition


Systematic Planning




The syllabus of this course provides the instructor and students with a common reference point that sets the stage for practical games designing throughout the course. The students will transit from playing games to designing games with ease and genuine interest. With the industry growing enormously, the requirement for skilled game developers is ever-increasing and there's going to be a far higher demand for these talents, futuristically.


Being the master of one’s own project is always fun. Kids can create whatever they can imagine or dream of -- whether it’s an app, a game, or a website that provides something useful. There are endless possibilities to be creative when learning to code. Website development provides a platform/opportunity for kids to let their imaginations run wild and come up with something new and exciting that is beneficial to all.

Problem Solving

Kids learn easily & quickly by doing. There is a huge movement in education for project-based learning. This method of learning teaches kids how to apply the concepts they have learned in their classes to real life situations. Research says being passive listeners is not effective for retaining information. While working on web design projects, kids develop 21st century skills while actively using what they have learnt in their classes to create responsive websites that solve real world problems.

Communication Design

In web design, kids understand how to instruct a computer very specifically for it to perform the required task. Thus, web designing helps develop a kid’s communication skills through coding. Web design projects strengthen their coding concepts and enhance their communication & accuracy skills.

Benefits of Learning Web Design with Coding with MindBox

Live 1:1 Classes

1:1 Online web design with coding classes allow them to attend live classes from the comfort of their home. With these classes, kids get personal & constant attention of the teacher which is not the case in group classes/Recorded sessions.

Qualified and Experienced Teachers

Our web design with coding classes are delivered online by qualified & experienced teachers who come from a diverse array of Computer Science background.

Flexible Online Classes

Our web design with coding classes for kids makes learning convenient and flexible. It gives the freedom to Schedule their classes as per their Choice.

Verified certification provided to students

Our web design with coding classes help in building 21st century skills in kids. After successfully completing their web design course, they earn a Nationally Recognized Certification.

Customized curriculum according to the childs ability

Our online web design with coding classes offer customized curriculum to prepare kids for academics & beyond. The curriculum helps in meeting the individual kid’s needs, interest, learning pace & style.

Real world projects

Using Project & design-based teaching methodology, our web design with coding classes encourage kids to apply STREAM and create solution/prototypes for real-world problems. We offer internship Opportunity every Year to Top Performers.

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