In this course, your kid will explore and learn about creating and changing basic adjustments such as size, style, language, alignments, and table. They will be able to create good informational text documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

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Program Overview

1 Month | 8 Sessions | 8 Projects

  • ✓ Introduction to Word
  • ✓ Page Layout Colors and Borders
  • ✓ Inserting images and media
  • ✓ Introduction to Pictograph
  • ✓ Creating Flash cards
  • ✓ Poster creating
  • ✓ Storyboard Creating.



USD 360 USD 288/-

4 Months | 32 Sessions | 16 Projects

  • ✓ Introduction to Word
  • ✓ Page Layout Colors and Borders
  • ✓ Inserting images and media
  • ✓ Introduction to Pictograph
  • ✓ Creating Flash cards
  • ✓ Poster creating
  • ✓ Report Creations
  • ✓ List and Charts
  • ✓ Mathematical Formulas
  • ✓ Conditional Formatting
  • ✓ Advance Formulas
  • ✓ Filters
  • ✓ Database creation



USD 1,440 USD 992/-

EMI Available


1 Month | 8 Sessions

4 Months | 32 Sessions

Software Language

MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel

Age Group

6-10 Years

Systematic Planning

Logical Thinking

Imaginative Thinking



Most companies minimalize the paper-based process and replace that work with digital documents. MS Office is one of the most important tools to eliminate paperwork in an organization. The ability to edit document process much easier, convert raw information into meaningful information, and improve creativity to illustrate their talk. These skills will be required when they enter the work environment.

Logical Thinking

This course is quite beneficial for kid in a longer run, Kids get to encounter unique things in this course, which makes it helpful for challenging the mind as well as kids approach to problems and solutions. Microsoft Office does an excellent job by encouraging the kids to think of creative solutions which naturally stretches the mind’s flexibility. Logical thinking involves an opportunity for kids to express themselves and being mentally flexible.

Imaginative Thinking

Microsoft Office enables kids to think out of the box and give reality to their imagination which enables them to broaden their horizon and innovate new things. With this course, kids develop better understanding of PowerPoint, excel and word. It is the first step of planning, visualizing then creating the process to bring their thinking into the reality.

Systematic Planning

Microsoft Office is involved in maximum amount of systematic planning be it on excel, word or PowerPoint. Systematic planning is the core of every successful plan. This could be efficiently done only after having proper knowledge of these software. Excel and PowerPoint are the most effective tool which is used in every aspect life.

Benefits of Learning Microsoft Office with MindBox

Live 1:1 Classes

1:1 Online microsoft office classes allow them to attend live classes from the comfort of their home. With these classes, kids get personal & constant attention of the teacher which is not the case in group classes/Recorded sessions.

Qualified and Experienced Teachers

Our microsoft office classes are delivered online by qualified & experienced teachers who come from a diverse array of computer science background.

Flexible Online Classes

Our microsoft office classes for kids makes learning convenient and flexible. It gives the freedom to Schedule their classes as per their Choice.

Verified certification provided to students

Our microsoft office classes help in building 21st century skills in kids. After successfully completing their course, they earn a Nationally Recognized Certification.

Customized curriculum according to the childs ability

Our microsoft office classes offer customized curriculum to prepare kids for academics & beyond. The curriculum helps in meeting the individual kid’s needs, interest, learning pace & style.

Real world projects

Using Project & design-based teaching methodology, our microsoft office classes encourage kids to apply STREAM and create solution/prototypes for real-world problems. We offer internship Opportunity every Year to Top Performers.

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