In this course, Game playing kids will start making games. Your kid will use Visual programming tool and block-based coding to create interactive game. They will learn the process problem solving with the help step by step plans and become proficient in Interactive Media Design.

Computational Thinking

DND Programming

Game Elements

Game GUI

Program Overview

1 Month | 8 Sessions | 3 Projects

  • ✓ Introductiontoanimation
  • ✓ Storyboarding
  • ✓ Introduction to scratch
  • ✓ Block Coding for animation
  • ✓ Sprites
  • ✓ backdrops
  • ✓ Conversations and delays
  • ✓ Movements
  • ✓ Loops



USD 360 USD 288/-

4 Months | 32 Sessions | 8 Projects

  • ✓ Introduction to animation
  • ✓ Storyboarding
  • ✓ Introduction to scratch
  • ✓ Block Coding for animation
  • ✓ Sprites
  • ✓ backdrops
  • ✓ Conversations and delays
  • ✓ Movements
  • ✓ Loops
  • ✓ Game design with coding
  • ✓ Conditions
  • ✓ Interactive animation using
  • ✓ Quiz game using variables
  • ✓ Use of Operators
  • ✓ Create digital dice
  • ✓ Motion control
  • ✓ Maze game using until
  • ✓ Types of games
  • ✓ Player and bots
  • ✓ Racing games
  • ✓ Game dynamics
  • ✓ Dodging games
  • ✓ Platformer game




USD 1,440 USD 992/-

EMI Available


1 Month | 8 Sessions

4 Months | 32 Sessions

Software Language


Age Group

6-10 Years

Decision making



Problem Solving




Playing video games has become a popular activity for kids across the globe. It has helped kids develop life skills and continues to expand into new, bolder areas as the medium evolves. Game Design is a project-based learning methodology which encourages teamwork and reinforces problem-solving concepts. It helps kids get hands-on with technology; they understand not only how to use technology, but also how to manipulate it and tweak it to their liking.


Kids who play games are exposed to new worlds, characters and rules. It allows them to explore these worlds, solve problems and leverage the game’s rules to complete tasks and achieve success. In doing so, new avenues of imagination and creativity are unlocked. Designing games helps in amplifying these learnings beyond those offered by playing games. It challenges kids to think creatively and motivates them to apply their ideas, skills and coding concepts to craft interesting and engaging games.

Technology Skills

Conceptualizing a game through imagination and creativity is the first part of the creation process. Acting on these ideas using technology makes the experience tangible. To turn their ideas & dreams into reality, kids use powerful creation tools called game engines; these tools introduce them to the basics of programming, strengthens their coding concepts and gives them a glimpse of what happens “behind the scenes” of their favorite games.

Collaboration Skills

Game designing encourages kids to use teamwork to ensure that the game which they have created is understood by all. By tasking classmates to play their game, kids learn how to communicate rules & ideas and consider feedback which helps in improving their communication skills. Communication and Collaboration skills are among the key 21st century skills kids need to be successful today and in tomorrow’s workforce.

Problem Solving Skills

Game Designing helps kids develop and strengthen problem solving skills. While creating a game, they design problems that the players of the game need to solve to achieve their goals. In Game design, kids determine success scenarios such as determining a winner and making sure the game works how they had intended it to. They also develop effective methods for debugging and teaching new players how to play the game.

Benefits of Learning Game Design with Coding with MindBox

Live 1:1 Classes

1:1 Online game design with coding classes allow them to attend live classes from the comfort of their home. With these classes, kids get personal & constant attention of the teacher which is not the case in group classes/Recorded sessions.

Qualified and Experienced Teachers

Our game design with coding classes are delivered online by qualified & experienced teachers who come from a diverse array of game development background.

Flexible Online Classes

Our game design with coding classes for kids makes learning convenient and flexible. It gives the freedom to Schedule their classes as per their Choice.

Verified certification provided to students

Our game design with coding classes help in building 21st century skills in kids. After successfully completing their game design course, they earn a Nationally Recognized Certification.

Customized curriculum according to the childs ability

Our online game design with coding classes offer customized curriculum to prepare kids for academics & beyond. The curriculum helps in meeting the individual kid’s needs, interest, learning pace & style.

Real world projects

Using Project & design-based teaching methodology, our game design with coding classes encourage kids to apply STREAM and create solution/prototypes for real-world problems. We offer internship Opportunity every Year to Top Performers.

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