This course is scrupulously contrived to empower the students with the required skillset to explore 2D animations and the myriads of functions like adding sound, controlling texts with code, interactive buttons and advanced tool settings. The students at the end of the course will be able to create the animated file with high end design



Animation Principles



Program Overview

2 Months | 16 Sessions | 11 Projects

  • ✓ Introduction to Animation
  • ✓ Frames Layers and Movements
  • ✓ Storyboard
  • ✓ Speech bubbles
  • ✓ Layers and Assets
  • ✓ Motion
  • ✓ Timeline
  • ✓ Animation Principles
  • ✓ Rotation Motion
  • ✓ Rotation
  • ✓ Motion Tween
  • ✓ Exporting the Video



USD 720 USD 544/-


2 Month | 16 Sessions

Software Language

Wick Editor

Age Group

6-10 Years

Colour Coordination

Decision Making

Logical Thinking


Imaginative thinking

Visual Communication

Why should students learn 2D Animation?

2D animation is the art of providing movements to develop storyboards, characters and backgrounds. Animation unleashes the potential of a child’s imagination to a structural representation; thereby creating a positive impact on the holistic development of the child by strengthening the core competency areas.

Innovative Thinking

In 2D animation design, your kid will explore their innovative skills. This skill helps your kid to become successful young professionals. Innovation is the ability to think of possible solutions to a problem. It is an important skill for many careers. They can easily come up with new innovative designs.

Logical Skill

While developing 2D animation, your kid learns about to enhance the ability to assess problems and a fine solution to conclude. They can start analysis about new trends and techniques to create unique designs. They can do lots of experiments and demos to achieve their goals. These skills will help to develop personal and professional skills.

Collaboration Skills

While working on 2D animated projects, kids learn to collaborate with others for ideas needed to design their projects on time. It helps kids develop time management skills that are an essential to thrive in the future work environment wherein they will need to work on multiple designs at the same time and complete creating the designs as per their deadline.

Benefits of Learning 2D Animation with MindBox

Live 1:1 Classes

1:1 Online 2D animation classes allow them to attend live classes from the comfort of their home. With these classes, kids get personal & constant attention from the teacher which is not the case in group classes/Recorded sessions.

Qualified and Experienced Teachers

Our 2D animation classes are delivered online by qualified & experienced teachers who come from a diverse array of graphic design & media industry background.

Flexible Online Classes

Our 2D animation classes for kids makes learning convenient and flexible. It gives the freedom to Schedule their classes as per their Choice.

Verified certification provided to students

Our 2D animation classes help in building 21st century skills in kids. After successfully completing their graphic design course, they earn a Nationally Recognized Certification.

Customized curriculum according to the childs ability

Our online 2D animation classes offer customized curriculum to prepare kids for academics & beyond. The curriculum helps in meeting the individual kid’s needs, interest, learning pace & style.

Real world projects

Using Project & design-based teaching methodology, our 2D animation classes encourage kids to apply STREAM and create solution/prototypes for real-world problems. We offer internship Opportunity every Year to Top Performers.

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