A Roadmap To Kids Learning To Code

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Looking to teach coding to your child through Interactive online classes?

Nowadays, everyone is talking about coding for kids, be it on – social media, television or news. Is coding so important for kids? Yes, it is – Coding enhances 21st Century Skills in kids like Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Empathy and Communication. It is among the essential skills needed to thrive in the future job market.

To inculcate a habit of curiosity that drives creativity and innovation, the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) has introduced coding from class 6th onwards. It is highly recommended that you equip your child with coding skills to unleash their creative potential, improve their academic performance and prepare them for the digital world.

Having lot of questions regarding how to introduce your child to the world of coding? Well, no worries – we’ve got you covered.

What is coding?

Coding is a creative process to tell a computer/machine how to perform a task by writing codes in programming languages.

What is a programming language?

It is the language used by programmers which includes numerous instructions that produce different kinds of results and output. They are used to create games & apps, program robots and build websites, entire networks and systems.

What age can kids start to learn coding? Which programming language is appropriate to begin with?

Kids as young as 5 to 7 years of age can begin to learn coding.

Younger kids can learn to code using Block Languages (Visual Programming). In Block languages, they don’t have to write codes, instead – they have to drag-and-drop coding instruction “blocks”. It is an easy, engaging and fun way which allows kids to learn how to design and develop their own games, apps etc through visuals.

Popular Block Languages: Scratch, Blockly.

Kids above 10 years of age can learn coding using Text-based Languages which are traditional programming languages used by professionals.

Popular Text-based Languages: Python, Swift, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, C++, PHP.

What are the benefits of learning to code?

Coding improves focus and academic performance, strengthens digital, employability & life skills and encourages kids to bring their creative ideas to life by transforming them from consumers of technology to creators of technology.

Some of the inspiring leaders who started coding at an early age include Bill Gates (philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder), Mark Zuckerberg (co-founder, chairman and CEO of Facebook), Jack Dorsey (co-founder and CEO of Twitter).

How to make coding interesting for kids?

Before enrolling kids for coding education, do check whether the course offers the following things:

MindBox Direct-to-home will allow your child to learn programming/coding in a fun way by developing games, mobile applications, animations and websites. It will not only make them future-ready for job opportunities, but you can expect some enhanced skills like creativity, logical thinking, problem-solving, logical reasoning, outstanding academic performance and much more.

How are you planning to teach coding to your child?

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